This is a pleasant fiction, isn't it?

Death Breath

See, I’m not a HUGE fan of metalcore, I mean, it’s a genre that I LOVED back in high school, but I outgrew the obsession like a kid out grows his pajamas…but wants to try them on once in a while.

Bring Me the Horizon is something to fill the silence with…they’re nothing to cum in your pants over. And quite honestly, I didn’t even know what BMTH stood for because I thought deathcore was stupid at the time (and still kinda do). It didn’t click with me that this deathcore band went metalcore on me.

And my point exactly. They never stood out in my mind.

So to the point of this post:

BMTH’s Death Breath will never make it onto my mp3 player…but The Toxic Avenger’s remix of it has. I’m really liking this electro-twist he’s put on it. Then again, I pretty much like anything that DeLacroix has pumped out anyways. His scratchy sound borderline-noise music is really funky, and when you combine that with a house-percussion track with double-bass-kick fill, it goes for a funky driving tune. Most likely going to make it onto my next electro-house mixtape.

Credit goes to Sulien Khan for sharing this with me.

Bring Me the Horizon — Death Breath (The Toxic Avenger Remix)

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