This is a pleasant fiction, isn't it?

Massive Attack — Heligoland

See, I sit here and think as I’m listening to Massive Attack’s Heligoland album.
At first, I was turned off by it, citing it to be less trip-hop than their previous album.
However, I started listening to it again, and I’ve come to realize that it’s a different direction that they’ve taken.

It’s no longer as “electronic” as 100th Window (which I wasn’t that much of a fan of) and it’s less “trippy” than Mezzanine.
I recall seeing a comment describing Heligoland (which may have been from Massive Attack themselves) with the word “organic.” I am in agreement with that entirely.
The samples (i.e. snare, bass drum kick) aren’t as driving. Compare the track “Man Next Door” and “Atlas Air” and you’ll see my meaning. The female vocals aren’t as immovable as in Mezzanine either. It’s more fragile and candid (i.e. Elizabeth Fraser vs. Hope Sandoval).

In the end, Massive Attack’s previous albums have either left me in a state of lucidity with my hearing or gives me this bodyrush (Basically a headrush but with the whole body — most notably in my throat, nose, and forearms). The sound found in these albums give off the aura of intellectualism, groovy-ness, or badassery.
Heligoland however, still gives me that bodyrush, but the album sounds more melancholy and apathetic than anything else, albeit well orchestrated nonetheless. This leads me to think that their name Massive Attack is on the oxymoronic side…hardy har.

So, to conclude this rambling, I’m very interested in Massive Attack’s next release; whether they’re going return to their dark classiness or progress with this new artless intelligence.

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