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Tron: Legacy Soundtrack Review

Alright, so I got my hands on Daft Punk’s latest “work of art” and I have to say, meh.

I gave it my undivided attention and sat there and just listened.
So, the following are my thoughts about it:

It’s nothing THAT new in terms of film scores. You’ve got the new-millennium Hollywood “dark” “action” movie feel to it…

In The Grid, I don’t like Jeff Bridges’ voice. It doesn’t sit very well with me.

Recognizer sounds like the theme in Batman.

Arena has a good build up.

Rinzler finally sees the Daft Punk influence. I might actually use that as an intro to a future mixtape…

The Game Has Changed could be re-done to a full track with the “dance music drop” structure…it’s already 60% there.

End of Line isn’t bad. A nice tune, but nothing amazing. A bit of 8-bit samples…but in the end, just something to fill the silence…

Derezzed wasn’t anything special, if I had heard that as the teaser for this soundtrack, I might not even have downloaded it…nothing that impressive. But I’m sure Daft Punk fanboys will/have ejaculate prematurely having heard this track.

Fall is a decent orchestral arrangement with a noticeable flange effect on the distortion. I liked it — mostly because I love the flange effect.

Rectifier is actually nice to listen to. I’m going to wait if anyone uses the violin “screech” as a sample in another track in the future. I’m not skilled enough to produce intelligent-sounding tracks with “original” samples or at least sampling obscure/well thought out ones. All I can do now is sound like Swedish House Mafia and not be popular…oh wait.

Disc Wars started off with a lot of potential…but then it went into another one of those reverb-ed string ostinatos that are oh-so-popular…k, maybe that’s an exaggerated term; I happen to like it, just that it’s become the “house beat” of film scores. You know what a house beat is. Even if you don’t know anything about music, you’ve definitely heard of it referred to as “gino beats.”

And here it is again in C.L.U. the “house beat” of film scores. Yeah yeah yeah, music is all repetition, but “I thought classical music was supposed to be smarter. DURR”

Flynn Lives is just one of those someone-died-for-this-ending-to-be-happy or bad-guy-is-defeated-nothing-will-ever-be-the-same tracks. So, three things in light of that:
#1 That theme/feeling has been overused like your mother’s vagina
#2 This kind of gives away the ending (going to be a pro-protagonist movie?)

And OF COURSE the most electronic track is the end credits… mind you, I’m really digging the snare sample. And the signature Daft Punk synth/flange reminiscent of Homework; Jesus, I love that album.

Finale is just basically after people have left the theatre and the others are waiting for that little 10-second clip that they all jizz in their pants over because it either prophecies a sequel (or in this case a series) or something mind-fucking relating to the film that needs to be pointed out.

So, in closing, I wasn’t blown away by this, but I wasn’t bored, either. This hasn’t really given me any more reason to see the film…
Going back to the soundtrack, I wouldn’t go so far as to say Daft Punk composed the score.
And “collaboration with Joseph Trapanese” is a bit of an understatement as well.

From what I’m hearing from this album, it probably went something like this:

“Alright, Daft Punk, you’ll be working with this guy, Trapanese.
You’ll be basically be another advertising tool to get the word out on this movie. We’re counting on your success to ooze over to us.
No, Bangalter, you’re on a very short leash here, do what Joe says. You can add your ideas in, but it’s still Joe’s call.
No, Homem. I don’t care what you’ve got for the fans, they’ll eat it up anyways.”

Alright, that’s a but harsh and bigoted to mainstream media. And I’m not calling Daft Punk sell-outs, either.
What I’m trying to say is that they could’ve done so much more and break the archetype of traditional music scores and actually blow people’s minds, instead of having some magazine review telling you that it’s mind blowing.

And I’ll be less of a bigot next time and have a full round opinion. I’m currently downloading Irréversible, the 2002 French film where Bangalter did the “music.” Not sure whether or not it includes the score (or lack thereof). The film itself is interesting me as well, so I’ll follow up with another post (or not).

But again, back to the soundtrack, I’d give it a 6.5 out of 10.

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