This is a pleasant fiction, isn't it?

Z103.5 Top 103 of 2010

This video is a mix/mashup of the “biggest” tunes of 2010.

This hurt to listen to. All mainstream hate aside. The DJ obviously does not understand pitch/key signatures…

“Yeah, but these are sick songs!!!”
Maybe. But they were still mixed shoddily… I mean, if you’re going to mix mainstream, understand that even though it’s all fairly cookie cutter, key signatures still …exist. And this coming from a shitty DJ on a computer.

Just because Virtual DJ matches the bpms doesn’t mean that the two tracks flow into each other.

And at the clubs when the DJ’s pushing reds and blasting the place with noise (literally), it isn’t the cue for the crowd to go nuts over the “bass.” It’s the cue for him to fade out and go the fuck home and learn to pay attention to what he’s doing. It’s more than just point-and-click; drag-and-drop.

At least the DJ Earworm mashup of 2009 was done well, even though I fucking hate virtually every song in that whole damn thing. Fuck people.


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