This is a pleasant fiction, isn't it?

Whiplash and Digitalis

Well, for those of you who missed this back in September, I released a dubstep mixtape…and here’s the excerpt from my Facebook page:

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve come out with a mix…partially because life is pretty occupying in terms of time.
Also, the fact that MA.Trix is a lazy sack who takes forever to send a vocal track over…
Anywhos, this mix takes a different path…it’s a different style altogether.


This is not for the faint-of-heart. Nor is this for the easy-listeners.
Mind you, I don’t think a lot of you would like this anyways.
It’ll just about box your ears and knock you on your ass if you’re not ready for it…

This is a dubstep mix. My first one, and I’m still in the process of familiarizing myself with the ins and outs of the genre…mixing it is a little different than electro-house. This can be put up for debate, but I’m willing to debate it.

Needless to say, this is my first dubstep mix, and most likely more to come…but breakcore/drum ‘n bass will probably come before that…and the mixing will get better. It’s a novice attempt. Also, once I get my hands on proper equipment, then…it’ll be a little smoother…Sony ACID Pro is like an 80-year-old on an elliptical.

So…to the tracklist:

(Artist — Song)

01. 16Bit — Chainsaw Calligraphy
02. Skism — Back Off
03. 501 — Mind Control
04. Nero — This Way
05. The Prodigy — Breathe (Numbernin6 Remix)
06. Rusko & Vent — Rumble
07. Tocadisco — Shrine ft. Chelonis R. Jones (Crookers Remix)
08. JFB — Time Collapse
09. Rob Threezy — They’re Coming
10. Ruckspin & Planas — Oxygen
11. 16Bit — Classical

Running time: 27:55

File size: 63.8 MB @320 kbps

I know that these tracks are “old” but quite frankly, I couldn’t give an ass rat’s and I’m not “up-to-date” with the latest tunes; I just stumble upon them and sit on them for months before I drop them in anything…

Click below to download:
Whiplash and Digitalis!

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