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Porcelain Artillery

Well, here’s the first mixtape of 2011.
And well, there’s not a lot to say about this one. I don’t know — it’s just not that great.
After tweaking with it for over two weeks, it’s one of those projects that you know you’re not happy with, but starting over is too much of a hassle.

I also find it amusing how in each post I make with a mixtape, I promise another one in the near future.
Take Viscous Cardiac Arrest for example.
I promise a dubstep mixtape in the next couple of days, when really, it’s nowhere near finished, I’ve only got about 20 minutes down-pat.

Another reason why this one doesn’t sit well with me is because I had this recorded sample (I recorded myself) and it was PERFECT for the intro and a few pre-drops… But guess what? I can’t fucking find it!
I made it in June last year, and well, I don’t delete files, and the most I would do is be horrifically disorganized, but I spent over an hour combing through 3 computers looking for the god-damn .wav file (Yes, three computers; I’ve got 4 in my house and I use all of them interchangeably).
So after about an hour of repeatedly using the “f” word and searching in vain, I gave up and just put whatever together for the intro.
I don’t know… It’s all right, I guess.

But hey, this one has a quasi-hefty track listing, and it breaks the hour-mark.
It just isn’t on the same caliber as Viscous Cardiac Arrest.
I feel about as comfortable with this as my very first mixtape, A Dollop of Insanity done back in January 2010.

All right; I know, I know: “Shut the fuck up already and give us the shit!”

Tracklist (Artist — Song)

00. Silent Wires — Beat That One (Intro)
01. Zombie Nation — Shottieville (Proxy Remix)
02. Tai — Beat Down
03. Zoo Brazil & Adam Sky — Circle Jerk (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
04. UNKLE — Restless (Fake Blood Remix)
05. Rawfare — Floor Luv (Keatch Remix)
06. Deadmau5 — Sofi Needs A Ladder
07. Proxy — Vibrate (Sound of Stereo Remix)
08. Pink A Pad’s — Pink is Back (Gtronic Remix)
09. Teenage Bad Girl — Tonton Funk (Les Petits Pilous Remix)
10. Étienne de Crécy — Binary
11. Micky Green — Shoulda (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
12. Flairs — Truckers Delight (Alex Gopher Remix)
13. The Kills — Cheap and Cheerful (Fake Blood Remix)
14. Shiny Toy Guns — Ricochet! (Nadastrom Headspin Dub/Digital Foot Stomp wRemix)
15. The Partysquad — Ik Ga Hard (Henzel & Disco Nova Remix)
16. M.I.A. — Internet Connection (Huoratron Rum Aid Remix)
17. Volatile — No Doubt
18. Pase Rock — Nights (Nadastrom Remix)
19. All American Rejects — Gives You Hell (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
20. Moby — Love to Move in Here (Crookers Bass in Here Remix)
21. Ado — Multiply Me
22. La Tourette — AVC (NT89 Remix)
23. Style Of Eye & Slagsmålsklubben — Homeless (Felix Cartal Gross Edit)
24. DJ Antention — Rapid Fire (No Body Remix)
25. The Toxic Avenger — Angst One

Running time: 1:03:44

File size: 145.9 MB @ 320kbps

And one more thing before the link, SoundCloud is not made for me…yet.
I’ve only got 2 hours of storage space, and I’ve got over 7 and a half hours worth of mixtapes…
And the Lite package (the only one I’m willing to pay for — €29/year) only gives me four.
The Solo package only gives me 12 hours, so the only one with enough storage for the future is the Pro package — €250/year OR €29/year.
I’m not making money with this, so it would seem like a PURE expense for me… BLAAAAAAHHHH.

OK, I’m going to actually stop talking now. Here’s the download link below:
Porcelain Artillery


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