This is a pleasant fiction, isn't it?

Monotonous Spectra

Well, here’s mix number 12… and it won’t be my last.
And for a few of you, this comes as good news. I recently announced that this would be my last mix, but I’ve changed my mind.

I’m just not a huge fan of the latest electro house, it’s too pop-y and cheesy…
Electro house is like eating a McDonald’s burger.
Some hate it, some love it, others will indulge if they feel the urge.
It’s amazing when it first starts off teasing you with the scent, and when you take your first bite, it’s almost sensual.
Then as time progresses, you may regret getting into it so much, feeling ashamed of the people associated with the whole scene.
Then more time progresses and it may start to hurt, and in the end, everything turns to fecal matter.

Dubstep has just plain sucked for about a year and a half now…
I was planning to get into tech house, but a lot of it…it’s just…too…fruity.

So…in light of that, my mixes to come will be nostalgic to some (there’s a few of those old-time bangers in this one).

Anywhos, a shout out to MA.Trix for his contributions.
And check out my friend Bryan’s project The Black Tubes, who may revive from their hiatus…

And here’s the tracklist for Monotonous Spectra:

(Artist — Song)

01. Major Lazer — Pon De Floor
02. The Squatters — Monster
03. Felix Cartal — The Riddler
04. Redial — The Boss
05. Mustard Pimp — Money Shot
06. Gtronic — Sucker Punch (Arcade Velocity Remix)
07. Berou & Canblaster — Kapongo Dance (Congorock Remix)
08. Designer Drugs — Face Melter
09. Congorock — Liu Kang’s Theme
10. Alex Roots — Fake (A1 Bassline Remix)
11. The Bloody Beetroots — Warp 7.7 ft. Steve Aoki
12. Das Glow & Strip Steve — Calcium
13. Deadmau5 — Cthulhu Sleeps
14. Dave Nada — Inner Midget (Nadastrom Remix)
15. Jan Driver — Gain Reaction
16. Ado — Jerk
17. AutoErotique — Turn Up the Volume
18. HeartsRevolution — Switchblade (Designer Drugs Remix)
19. Aerotronic — Massacre (Noise Invader Remix)
20. Ado — X-Ray
21. The Bloody Beetroots — Warp 1.9 ft. Steve Aoki

Running time: 58:50
File size: 135.7 MB @ 320kbps

And here’s the download link:

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