This is a pleasant fiction, isn't it?

Vigorous Decay

Well kids, after a 5 months hiatus, I’ve finished another mix.
Dear AA batteries, it’s a tight one.

I’ve literally been working on this one for about 3 months, so things are well thought out. So, after almost half a year of combing through blogs, removing my ChemicalJump bookmark, going on multiple hater rants, and almost $100 on Beatport later, I’ve got this whammy.
Another good thing I’ve discovered through the course of all this is the French label Dga Fäu, which I’m keeping an eye on.
I’ve also caved and dropped Bart B More. Oh frigid ice cubes, what have I done… next thing you know, I’m dropping Swedish House Mafia…for REAL.

I’m working on my all-Beetroots mix, but it is taking a while because I’ve either:
a) gotten way too distracted
b) too drunk to focus, or
c) a wicked flashback (which only happened once, though)

But in regards to this mix, it’s got the flow of Porcelain Artillery, but with the oomph of Monotonous Spectra.
And fuck intros, I’ve got no time nor patience to comb through films and lectures to find shit I can sample.

But to the track listing:

(Artist — Song)

01. Moby — Lie Down in Darkness (Clouds Remix)
02. Jokers of the Scene — Power Slave ft. vitaminsforyou
03. Donk Boys — Kaav (Jan Driver Remix)
04. The S — Death and Rainbows
05. Crimen — Invasion (Monophonique Remix)
06. Tommie Sunshine & Bart B More — Drop Acid (Will Bailey Remix)
07. Crystal Fighters — I Love London (HighBloo Remix)
08. Wolfgang Gartner & Francis Prève — Yin
09. Congorock — Exodus
10. Boy 8-Bit — House on the Hill
11. Bart B More — Brap
12. AC Slater & Bart B More — Cry Baby
13. MixHell — Highly Explicit (Huoratron Remix)
14. Kissy Sell Out — Wild in the Warehouse (Ado’s Concrete Mix)
15. Happyboxx — The Threat
16. Bobble — Zefix (Jan Driver Remix)
17. FutureFlashs — Touch (Beatpunks Remix)
18. The Subs — The Hype ft. HighBloo
19. Autoerotique — Freak (TAI Remix)
20. ZZT — Zzafrika (Gesaffelstein Remix)
21. SomethingALaMode — Versailles No Bara (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)

Running time: 1:08:05
File size: 155.9 MB @320kbps

Here’s the download link from Mediafire:

Alright, enjoy, while I splooge on something else…

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