This is a pleasant fiction, isn't it?

Acme Whorl

It’s time, right about that time…

I’ve finished another mixtape, and this one’s a doozy.

These are mostly new tracks, and well, what can I say? The latter half of 2011 turned out really well for dance music. How it turned out was nothing like my original intended track list.
I’m already a solid 20 minutes in to my next mix, and it’s a little… well… unconventional. Think less DJ set and more mixtape.

But back to Acme Whorl. I’ve been meaning to drop Toxie’s remix of Spaceship for AGES, only able to  do it in those rough impromptu live sets… but I’ve finally done it.
I won’t apologize for dropping Audrey Napoleon. Yes, it’s a little douche-y; yes it was used as a promo track for Heineken, but dude, it’s a bumpin’ track, and… well… I would. In a scene where it’s mostly dudes behind the deck, it’s great to see a woman work those knobs (no innuendo intended).

I’m still waiting for Volatile’s Retaliation EP to come out, that’s definitely going into my next mix. I took a look at my most recent purchases and downloads, and well, it’s almost all from Turbo, Mako, Boys Noize, and Lektroluv… they’re cranking out some sweet tunes and artists that I’ve previously overlooked are making some great material. I’m sticking with this for a while now…

So yeah, many more to come.

Listen on Mixcloud:
Download from Mediafire:


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