This is a pleasant fiction, isn't it?

Justin Martin — Ghettos and Gardens

So, I’ve recently picked up this album, and I have to say, it is superb.

For electronic music, it is so diverse for album. Fantastic blend of chill out tunes and some bangers.
I’ve been sitting on this for a month or so now, and I’ve gotten some sweet feedback to this.
I was originally going to go write a detailed post on the entire thing, but my mood was just killed.

So, last weekend I made a playlist for a barbecue that I was having, and I threw in a few tracks from this album: Don’t Go, Butterflies, Night Calling, The Gurner… and it set the mood rather well. The feedback I got from those tracks was, “I feel like I’m at a classy lounge… this is great!” and when we were gathered around the table playing some board games, during the quiet times, it didn’t get awkward, but just enough to keep the mood up… to the point during the second half of Don’t Go, my friend started to do a little jam in her seat. It set a great chill vibe for the whole time. Definitely recommend doing that (assuming your friends like that stuff)

And I’ve also dropped a few tracks in my sets, and it’s gotten the crowd to lose it like Apple lost their lawsuit to HTC. A few tracks I recommend would be Molokini, it takes the crowd on a nice sensual trip before introducing them to the sexy shebang of a drum track.
Ruff Stuff is just so fun to drop and Lezgo is fantastic to sample and loop for a buildup (if ONLY I could get my hands on the Pioneer RMX-1000)

Ghettos and Gardens (the track itself) was initially a turn-off I didn’t like how the track contrasted for me, but hell it grew on me. Such a great intro and build…
The remix of Goldie blew my mind… nice and mellow, then bah-nah-nah-nuwwwwww…. ATTACK. It gets people going, “What the hell? I thought this guy did house music!” It’s also fantastic to drive to, but watch your speed. Speeding tickets suck. A lot.

So pick this up as soon as you can. It’s definitely worth it. Good GOD, I love dirtybird.

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