This is a pleasant fiction, isn't it?


First off, the title to this is from Sir Bob Rifo’s blog:

Silent Wires is my moniker I came up with one night when I was trying to fall asleep.

What’s really cool is that people have asked me what Silent Wires meant, and I absolutely had no idea.

Up until about a few weeks ago, actually. I was trying to grab a cable on my night table (well, it’s really my desk as well — EVERYTHING is on it — my computer, lamp, sub-woofer, external HD, headphones, and basically anything piece of technology I have). Needless to say, things started to shift around, wires started to yank, and eventually the lamp fell on the ground and my alarm clock as well. I was fairly annoyed at this and I vowed to clean up the night table and organize it.

So, I few days later, I try to grab my microSD adapter and it’s under my headphones.

I move them and subsequently tugs at the power cable for my speakers. Although I tried to be a little more neat, the way wires just crossed each other’s path because of their lack of length was frustrating. But also having a 10 foot cable is cumbersome as well. And the clip to shorten it is a bit of a paper weight and awkward as well.

Wireless equipment is out of the question though, due to either the technology not existing, or battery powered objects are heavier than they need to be.

So in short, I fucking hate wires, but they are so necessary. Which leads to my point that at times, I’ll hate myself like an anti-Semite at a synagogue but other times I’ll find myself a genius whom I can’t live without. That’s about as best as I can explain it; it sounded SO much better in my head.

And the silent part? Well, people overlook me all the time. I’m forgotten a lot (i.e. “Oh, have I met you before?” (Even though I’ve met them twice and they’ve remembered the other guy from last month’s party)), and I let a lot of things slide — meaning I don’t take offense — or just don’t show it — and I have minor passive aggressive tendencies. So I’m not IN YOUR FACE, and more in the background or behind-the-scenes type of gig. I’m just basically an introvert with minuscule extroverted characteristics.

Uh, yeah. Welcome to my babble-page


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