This is a pleasant fiction, isn't it?


Circa Survive — On Letting Go


I picked up Circa Survive a few years back, it was their album Juturna, and well, it didn’t really catch me. It wasn’t bad, but nothing breath-taking. I picked up On Letting Go shortly after, and I liked it a lot, but I couldn’t get past Anthony Green’s voice.

And I left it.

A few months back on a whim, I listened to it again, this time my outlook on music and judgement of it has changed immensely; a lot of what I obsessed over 3 years ago is mediocre, if not just bad altogether.

So with this in mind, I loaded On Letting Go on to my phone to listen to while I was working night shifts. As I’m working, I’m listening and it literally hit me. That rush like the first time when your crowd is going wild, like that first time you heard Venetian Snares… maybe that first time you orgasmed.

SO much emotion in this, and it’s a fantastic balance of post-rock and traditional song structured indie rock. Bloody brilliant work. And the lyrics: well written, beautiful and SO MUCH RELATE. SO MUCH RELATE. Yes, Green’s voice is hard to get used to for some, but there are many moments where his voice is choked with emotion-filled volume. That emotion goes so well the rest of the music; one of the rare times I’ll pay attention to the vocals more than the instruments.

Initially I thought the album got weaker as it went on, but on the contrary, it’s a journey of skepticism and pity spotted with remorse and despair.

Tracks that highlight the album would be:

  • Living Together
  • The Difference Between Medicine and Poison is in the Dose
  • Semi Constructive Criticism
  • Kicking Your Crosses Down
  • Carry Us Away
  • Your Friends Are Gone

Fantastic album all the way through. I’ve listened to it numerous times since, sometimes on repeat. Singing it all the way through, at work, driving…wherever it’s playing.

So it led me to think, “What if I’ve misjudged Circa Survive entirely and that the rest of their material is just as good if not better?”


I re-listened to Juturna, was somewhat disappointed in it — it’s not as together. Blue Sky Noise was also a disappointment, more indie rock and less of that post-y feel, and well, his voice also changed. It’s no longer that high-pitched emotional strain… but more of a high pitch rasp. It’s bouncier and (dare I say it) happier. Appendage followed the same route. Nothing stuck out at me to give a little flag in my memory about it.

But yes, On Letting Go is definitely their strongest release and I highly recommend picking it up and losing yourself to it, until that burn in your heart escapes as a melody or a scream.

Lights — Siberia

Well, I gave Lights a second chance. I was completely turned off from her first album. The Listening was basically dicking around on a Macintosh.

Siberia on the other hand, is much better in terms of production. I don’t think it’s just her. Definitely not.

So, I’m still not a huge fan of her stuff. I’m not dismissing her entirely, but she’s no Imogen Heap or M83. She’s basically a poor man’s electronica/synth-pop.

A few tracks just irked me to the point of skipping. Where the Fence is Low, Flux and Flow are a couple tracks that stick out in my memory. It’s as if Skrillex pussied the FUCK out and collaborated with her. (Heh. I’d LOVE to collaborate with her. Perhaps musically, but more so carnally.)

Day One is actually really enjoyable… I mean, shit… THAT’S what I want to hear. Her voice every now and then…just briefly vocalizing would be great. it’s just the rest of the tracks…it’s too…too…pop-py. I mean, Jesus, the beginning of the album, PLEASE give me more than just quarter notes and eighth notes. And does everything have to rhyme? I’m no lyricist, but holy hell, it just gets annoying. I would enjoy it a lot more if her vocals were very sparse throughout the album, as an accent, rather than the gist of the music. It’s just overtly catchy and… and… *shudder*
But did I mention I really want to sleep with this girl?

Overall, Lights is still a huge meh, I mean, I’ll listen to it… if new material comes out I’ll probably get /around/ to it… her stuff (the vast majority of it, anyways) to me is cut out for being played at Forever XXI while teenage bitches shop for shit thinking that they’re SO fashionable.

Fuck this, I’m going to listen to Mare.

The Toxic Avenger

Alright, basically this is going to be a straight up fanboy babble.

I’m listening to his remix of Benny Benassi’s Spaceship featuring Kelis.

I’m not a huge of Benassi, citing that he’s just not heavy enough, and I just haven’t dropped him in any set.

But in regards to Delacroix, I was barely finished squirting in my pants with Angst One (BUY THAT EP. JESUS) and I picked up Spaceship.

The Toxic Avenger manages to bring his signature scratchy sound into everything he does extremely well. So, even with this track not being one of those “dance floor killers,” it still pushes my buttons all the right ways and I go apeshit.

And as an aspiring/failing producer, you notice all the little things that went into the track and the sections where you have to take the time to decipher the layers and sequencing. Which in that case you sit there and think, “Holy matzo balls, either this took forever to get right or this man is a borderline genius.”

Take the section of Kelis’s vocal-only where it’s cut-up so fucking well. It makes for a wonderful time to bring in your next percussion track.

I’m at a loss for words. Just in awe of The Toxic Avenger. Not to mention that his Kabuki mask is a cornerstone of badassery (to the point where I just had to do that myself – my current avatar).

Yeah. Holy cat shit, what a great addition to the French electro house scene.

Look for this track in my next DJ set for sure.

Prophetic Charms

She’s in my head
But she doesn’t notice

frustrated with this obsession
the rust of apathy fights against the gears of emotion


Futile affection
meaningless Effort
she’s in love with someone else

tragic friendship
detrimental Pleasantries

Reciprocal love,
a failing delusion

forced to quit
invited to join

internal decision
externally driven

endless turmoil


30 Day Song Challenge

Well, on Facebook, there’s this 30 day song challenge, where everyday you post a song that fits the criteria set out for that day (i.e. your favorite song, what you listen to when you’re angry, etc)…

It’s fairly juvenile — well, the criteria is, anyways — and it seems somewhat pointless, but it’s pretty much an excuse to further expose my music taste.

So I thought, “What the hell; I’ll do it.”

So I got one day down pat — it’d be quite the failure if I couldn’t even do THAT — and the second day…well, that was yesterday.
I didn’t get around to posting the second day until after midnight — so technically I failed the challenge, right?

Anyways, I decided to go along with it and post the third day’s song. But then I realized if I was going to stay true to this “challenge,” I would fail again, because I won’t be around a computer for the next couple of days…so I posted up to day five.

During this whole posting thing, I felt the urge to post more than one song that fit the criteria (yes, my library consists of more than 10,000 songs, thank you very much), and I felt somewhat impatient about waiting a day to post each song…

So I decided to just post them all at once.
So here we go:

Day 01 — Your favorite song.

To name a few.

Day 02 — Your least favorite song.
I have a LOT. But this one takes a good chunk out of the cake. So smarmy it’s fucking sickening to my stomach.
Adult contemporary has to one of the most gut-wrenching attempts at pleasant music ever made.
Fuck you all.

And you.

And you.

Especially you.

Mötley Crüe isn’t all that great either. Not a fan of the genre.

Day 03 — A song that makes you happy
I generally don’t have “happy” music. A lot of times it makes me sick to my esophagus (WOO! Spelled it right my first try).
But when asked to think of a song that makes me “happy,” this was the first one that popped into my head.

Then this one:

That’s all I can think of. For now.

Day 04 — A song that makes you sad
A song that makes me “sad.” Good fucking broccoli stems, that is vague.
Well, uh, this song made my nostrils flare once…

And well, this one too…once.

Day 05 — A song that reminds you of someone
This reminds me of one of my ex-girlfriends:

This one reminds me of my friend David Sherret

And this one reminds me of my friend Andrew Weiss (sorta, not really, but I mean…I pictured him walking down a decaying street along with this):

This one reminds me of Julian Chan

Day 06 — A song that reminds you of somewhere
WOW, this one is actually pretty difficult. I don’t relate locations with music…usually visual reminders, this is hard…
Here we go — this reminds me of the bar we were at for my friend Heccubus’s birthday:

Day 07 — A song that reminds you of a certain event
The first performance I (with David Sherret) did without a conductor and any sort of practice (which we botched. Badly):
The song is called “Stealing the Stock” from David Holmes, off the Ocean’s 12 soundtrack.

Day 08 — A song that you know all the words to
Well, considering that most of my electronic music (which makes up about 45% of my library) has virtually no lyrics or even vocals, for that matter…they don’t count. So in light of that:

And this

Day 09 –A song you can dance to
Well, I don’t/can’t dance…any attempts to dance would just result in my jumping around and possibly flailing my arms about.
Basically, my DJ-mix Viscous Cardiac Arrest

Day 10 — A song that makes you fall asleep
Well, that’s almost impossible. The only time I can fall asleep to music is if I’m THAT tired.
But I’ve fallen asleep to this a couple times (it’s fucking WICKED)

Day 11 — A song from your favorite band
Well, band is rather vague. My perception of a band would be a pair/group of people actually playing instruments…so the ones that don’t I refer to as artist. So a song from my favorite “band”

Day 12 — A song from a band you hate
HA. I have to pick ONE band? Fine.

Fuck you.

Day 14 — A song that no one would expect you to love
Hm. I’d think probably:

Day 15 — A song that describes you
PAH. That’s like asking to pick ONE chemical/preservative in a frozen pizza.

Maybe? Think the way the song works/played out, not necessarily the lyrics (if any)

Day 16 — A song that you used to love but now hate
Jeez. I’ve changed a lot in the past few years but not to the point of denouncing my previous preferences. Puberty has stopped for me. Closest thing:

Day 17 — A song that you hear often on the radio
The closest thing to “radio” I listen to is the shit they play at work. So…a lot of shit

Day 18 — A song you wish you heard on the radio
Well, seeing as how I honestly don’t give a fuck about pop culture…and the music at work is the only connection I have to pop music…this has been played at work a few times

Day 19 — A song from your favorite album
That’s like standing with all of FHM’s hottest women and only picking one.


Day 20 — A song you listen to when you’re angry
When I’m at work, there’s music playing…and I’m mad often there.
But out of my own free will…

Day 21 — A song you listen to when you’re happy
Fuck. I’m usually never “happy.” Temporarily content would be more accurate.

Day 22 — A song you listen to when you’re sad

Day 23 — A song you want to play at your wedding
That’s assuming I actually get married. For shits and giggles?

Day 24 — A song you want to play at your funeral
Hm. I probably won’t have too much say in that…and quite honestly, I’m not sure I care…

Day 25 — A song that makes you laugh

Day 26 — A song that you can play on an instrument
That’s actually quite a bit…

Day 27 — A song that you wish you could play
And off the top of my head, it’s nothing I haven’t been able to decipher in my head either, just haven’t found the time to practice enough; that’s all. LOL

Day 28 — A song that makes you feel guilty
Hm. I don’t really care enough to feel guilt…

Day 29 — A song from your childhood
Fucking sang this almost endlessly

Day 30 — Your favorite song this time last year

AND don’t forget this:
Dave Nada — Apocalypse Theme

Well, there you have it. Now I’m going to bed. Good night.

Porcelain Artillery

Well, here’s the first mixtape of 2011.
And well, there’s not a lot to say about this one. I don’t know — it’s just not that great.
After tweaking with it for over two weeks, it’s one of those projects that you know you’re not happy with, but starting over is too much of a hassle.

I also find it amusing how in each post I make with a mixtape, I promise another one in the near future.
Take Viscous Cardiac Arrest for example.
I promise a dubstep mixtape in the next couple of days, when really, it’s nowhere near finished, I’ve only got about 20 minutes down-pat.

Another reason why this one doesn’t sit well with me is because I had this recorded sample (I recorded myself) and it was PERFECT for the intro and a few pre-drops… But guess what? I can’t fucking find it!
I made it in June last year, and well, I don’t delete files, and the most I would do is be horrifically disorganized, but I spent over an hour combing through 3 computers looking for the god-damn .wav file (Yes, three computers; I’ve got 4 in my house and I use all of them interchangeably).
So after about an hour of repeatedly using the “f” word and searching in vain, I gave up and just put whatever together for the intro.
I don’t know… It’s all right, I guess.

But hey, this one has a quasi-hefty track listing, and it breaks the hour-mark.
It just isn’t on the same caliber as Viscous Cardiac Arrest.
I feel about as comfortable with this as my very first mixtape, A Dollop of Insanity done back in January 2010.

All right; I know, I know: “Shut the fuck up already and give us the shit!”

Tracklist (Artist — Song)

00. Silent Wires — Beat That One (Intro)
01. Zombie Nation — Shottieville (Proxy Remix)
02. Tai — Beat Down
03. Zoo Brazil & Adam Sky — Circle Jerk (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
04. UNKLE — Restless (Fake Blood Remix)
05. Rawfare — Floor Luv (Keatch Remix)
06. Deadmau5 — Sofi Needs A Ladder
07. Proxy — Vibrate (Sound of Stereo Remix)
08. Pink A Pad’s — Pink is Back (Gtronic Remix)
09. Teenage Bad Girl — Tonton Funk (Les Petits Pilous Remix)
10. Étienne de Crécy — Binary
11. Micky Green — Shoulda (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
12. Flairs — Truckers Delight (Alex Gopher Remix)
13. The Kills — Cheap and Cheerful (Fake Blood Remix)
14. Shiny Toy Guns — Ricochet! (Nadastrom Headspin Dub/Digital Foot Stomp wRemix)
15. The Partysquad — Ik Ga Hard (Henzel & Disco Nova Remix)
16. M.I.A. — Internet Connection (Huoratron Rum Aid Remix)
17. Volatile — No Doubt
18. Pase Rock — Nights (Nadastrom Remix)
19. All American Rejects — Gives You Hell (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
20. Moby — Love to Move in Here (Crookers Bass in Here Remix)
21. Ado — Multiply Me
22. La Tourette — AVC (NT89 Remix)
23. Style Of Eye & Slagsmålsklubben — Homeless (Felix Cartal Gross Edit)
24. DJ Antention — Rapid Fire (No Body Remix)
25. The Toxic Avenger — Angst One

Running time: 1:03:44

File size: 145.9 MB @ 320kbps

And one more thing before the link, SoundCloud is not made for me…yet.
I’ve only got 2 hours of storage space, and I’ve got over 7 and a half hours worth of mixtapes…
And the Lite package (the only one I’m willing to pay for — €29/year) only gives me four.
The Solo package only gives me 12 hours, so the only one with enough storage for the future is the Pro package — €250/year OR €29/year.
I’m not making money with this, so it would seem like a PURE expense for me… BLAAAAAAHHHH.

OK, I’m going to actually stop talking now. Here’s the download link below:
Porcelain Artillery


An Extensively Thought Out List Of Music

Alright, a few people have wondered about what kind of music I listen to.
Some have found out by clicking the “Info” tab on my Facebook profile; but for those who don’t have the luxury to do so, I’ve compiled a list of releases I enjoy. I say releases because some of them are EPs, while others…well, you get the point.
If any information is wrong, please let me know, and provide evidence of the matter.

(Artist — Release (Year))

16Bit — Flat Beat/Classical 12″ Vinyl (2009)

A1 Bassline — Bad Man Horror EP (2009)

Aaron Spectre — Evil Most Foul (2005)

AC Slater — Take You ft. Ninjasonik (2010)

Alec Empire — The Destroyer (1996)

Anorexia Nervosa — Drudenhaus (2000)
Symphonic Black Metal

Arsis — A Celebration of Guilt (2004)
Melodic Technical Death Metal

As Hope Dies — As Hope Dies EP (2005)
Melodic Death Metal

Atreyu — A Deathgrip on Yesterday (2006)

Au Revoir Simone — The Bird of Music (2007)

Bassnectar — Wildstyle EP (2010)

Battles — Mirrored (2007)
Experimental Rock

Becoming the Archetype — The Physics of Fire (2007)
Progressive Death Metal

blink-182 — blink-182 (2003)
Pop Punk Rock

Bong-ra — Stereohype Heroin Hooker (2006)
Breakcore/Drum ‘n Bass

Boys Noize — Power (2009)

Bring Me the Horizon — Suicide Season (Cut Up) (2010)

ChthoniC — Seediq Bale (2006)
Melodic Black Metal

Circa Survive — On Letting Go (2007)
Experimental Rock

Circus Maximus — Isolate (2007)
Progressive Metal

Converge — Axe to Fall (2009)
Hardcore Punk/Metalcore

Crookers — E.P.istola (2008)
Electro House

Cruel Black Dove — Full Powers EP (2008)
Dark Electronic Rock

Cruel Black Dove — The Myth and the Sum EP (2010)
Dark Electronic Rock

Crystal Castles — Crystal Castles (II)

Daft Punk — Homework (1997)

Dave Nada — Apocalypse EP (2009)

Day Without Dawn — Understanding Consequences (2008)
Experimental Rock

Daylight Dies — Lost to the Living (2008)
Death/Doom Metal

Deadlock — Manifesto (2008)
Melodic Death Metal

Deadmau5 — Random Album Title (2008)
Progressive House

Decree — Death Pig (2010)

Designer Drugs — Datamix 09 (2010)
Electro House

Dessa — A Badly Broken Code (2010)
Hip-hop/Spoken Word

Diablo Swing Orchestra — The Butcher’s Ballroom (2006)
Progressive/Melodic Metal

Digitalism — Idealism (2007)
Electro House

DJ Hell — Teufelswerk (2009)
Progressive/Electro House

DJ Fresh — Hypercaine ft. Stamina MC & KOKO (2009)
Drum ‘n Bass/Dubstep

Downlink — Ignition EP (2009)

Drop the Lime — Set Me Free (2009)
Electro House

Enduser — Calling the Vultures (2005)
Breakcore/Drum ‘n Bass/Trip-hop

Etienne De Crécy — Welcome (2010)
Electro House

Evil Nine — You Can Be Special Too (2004)

Fake Blood — Mars (Remixes) (2008)
Electro House

FC Kahuna — Machine Says Yes (2002)

Felix Cartal — Popular Music (2010)
Electro House

Frou Frou — Details (2002)

Gonin-ish — Naishikyou-Sekai (2005)
Progressive Metal

Gordian Knot — Emergent (2003)
Progressive Rock

GTronic — Sucker Punch EP (2010)
Electro House

Huoratron — Corporate Occult (2009)
Electro House

IamX — Kingdom of Welcome Addiction (2009)
Alternative Rock

In Flames — Soundtrack to Your Escape (2004)
Alternative Metal

Insomnium — Since the Day It All Came Down (2004)
Folk/Melodic Death Metal

Insomnium — Above the Weeping World (2006)
Melodic Death/Doom Metal

ISIS — The Mosquito Control EP (1998)

ISIS — Panopticon (2004)

Joker — Snake Eater/Move Dis 12″ Vinyl (2008)

Justice — Planisphère EP (2008)
Electro House

Kamelot — The Black Halo (2005)
Symphonic Power Metal

Kamelot — Ghost Opera (2008)
Symphonic Gothic Metal

Koxbox — U-Turn (2006)
Psychedelic Trance

Kylesa — Static Tensions (2009)
Sludge Metal

Laven & MSO — Reach ft. Malte (2008)
Acid House

LCD Soundsystem — Sound of Silver (2007)

Linkin Park — Hybrid Theory (2000)

M83 — M83 (2001)
Shoegaze Electronic

Massive Attack — Mezzanine (1998)

Massive Attack — Heligoland (2010)

Math Head — Turn the Music Up (2008)
Electro House/Dubstep

Misery Index — Traitors (2008)
Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore

Mors Principium Est — The Unborn (2005)
Melodic Death Metal

Moving Mountains — Pneuma (2007)

Mr. Oizo — Analog Worms Attack! (1999)

Mr. Oizo — Lambs Anger (2008)

Mudvayne — L.D. 50 (2000)

Muse — Absolution (2003)
Alternative Rock

Nadastrom — Pussy EP (2008)
Electro House

Jazz/Rock Fusion

Ne Obliviscaris — The Aurora Veil (Demo) (2008)
Progressive Black Metal

Nero — This Way/Bad Trip EP (2008)

No Bird Sing — No Bird Sing (2009)

Opeth — Watershed (2008)
Progressive Death Metal

Pendulum — Hold Your Color (2005)
Drum ‘n Bass

Phantogram — Eyelid Movies (2010)
Electronic Rock

Plan B — She Said (2010)
Hip-hop/Dubstep/Drum ‘n Bass

Portishead — Dummy (1994)

Proxy — Dance in Dark EP (2008)
Electro House

Proxy — Who Are You/8000 EP (2008)
Electro House

Proxy — Vibrate EP (2010)
Electro House

Riva Starr — Dance Me ft. Trim EP (2010)
Tech House

Rob Threezy — Let’s Go Ravers EP (2010)

Shiny Toy Guns — We Are Pilots Version 1 (2005)
Electronic Rock

Sigh — Hangman’s Hymn (2007)
Avante-garde Black Metal

Simian Mobile Disco — Attack Decay Sustain Release (2007)
Tech House

Simian Mobile Disco — Sample and Hold (2008)

Soulfallen — World Expiration (2007)
Melodic Death Metal

Stars — Set Yourself on Fire (2004)
Indie Pop

Sunn O))) — OO Void (2000)
Drone Metal

The Agony Scene — The Darkest Red (2005)

The Bloody Beetroots — Let Your Washing Machine Speak (2008 ???)
Electro House

The Bloody Beetroots — Romborama (2009)
Electro House

The Bloody Beetroots — Christmas Vendetta…Spares of Romborama EP (2009)
Electro House

The Bloody Beetroots — Domino (Spares of Romborama) Pt. 2 EP (2010)
Electro House

The Bloody Beetroots — JUNE 2008 Live Mix by Bob Rifo (2008)
Electro House

The Chemical Brothers — Surrender (1999)
Acid House

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble — The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble (2006)
Dark Jazz/Ambient Electronic

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble — Here Be Dragons! (2009)
Dark Jazz

The Mould — Mad Soldier Take A Rifle (2010)
Electro House

The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation — Succubus (2009)
Dark jazz/Ambient

The Postman Syndrome — Terraforming (2002)
Progressive/Experimental Rock/Metal

The Subs — Subculture (2008)
Electro House

The Toxic Avenger — Toxic Is Dead EP (2009)
Electro House

Timbaland — Shock Value (2007)

UNKLE — Psyence Fiction (1998)

Vanessa-Mae — The Violin Player (1995)

Venetian Snares — Detrimentalist (2008)

Vitalic — Flashmob (2009)

Volatile — No Doubt EP (2011)
Electro House

That’s pretty much the gist of it…
That should keep you busy for a while.