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Zoning By-laws

Erogenous Zone

Buongiorno ragazze!

It’s been less than a week since I released my Friend Zone mixtape… here’s another one… You know, come to think of it, this is really fucking easy in comparison to what actually pays me… I mean, you hit play, you have an idea of what direction you want to go in the mix… and you just go.

I’ve been sitting on quite a few of these tracks for some time now, so on the way home from work I figured… why not. Fire up the knobs and get crackin’. And here we are, a couple hours of its inception… waiting for my shit to upload.

Comments on this mix… bleh. I gave a dry run before I hit record this time… so I guess it doesn’t really count as a rough mix anymore, does it? I mean, I sat there and stared at the track name while it was playing and thought of what would go with it… and if it didn’t I’d stop it, go back, and think of something else… but I haven’t… oh fuck it. Thoughts at this time of night usually just go off on tangents.

Back to this mix: I decided to give it an abrupt switch towards the end; I’ve been listening to a gargantuan amount of Doomtree lately, and when I found P.O.S. did a track for BNR, I went bonkers and immediately clicked buy. Eh.

So after all this superfluous babble, you can listen on Mixcloud in exchange for (pick one):

And for those willing to sacrifice your precious bandwidth, here’s the download link from Mediafire (the government knows where you live. OHSHI-):


Enjoy and share 🙂

Oh Jesus, WordPress automatically does that emoticon. Everything sucks.

Friend Zone

Good morning all,

I told you a little while back of my little side series of mixes… and here’s another one.
This one is quite the party track.. I’ve also included a bit of bro-house in this, seeing as how there has yet to be a party where I’m spinning at and there isn’t a bro just having a wicked time.

Well, there really isn’t much to preface this mix with… I drop Felix Cartal twice… I picked up his Different Faces album last week, and well, I was quite impressed with it. Him and TAI are basically the only reason I still bother with Dim Mak… I’ve moved on… I miss the old Pase Rock days…

Yeah… you can listen on Mixcloud:

Or take it to go (5 cents per plastic bag, please):


White Zone


So, in light of my new DJ controller, I’ve decided to do some rough mixes on top of the infrequent studio mixes.
I guess, it’s just more fun to hit play and see what comes to mind, then mix it.

So… yeah. It’s a “sub-category” if you will of mixes. You’ll hear that the transitions are a little more rushed and/or forced. That’s due to the fact that either:

  1. I’ve never heard the track before
  2. I haven’t studied it enough to remember the timings, or
  3. I’m just too drunk.

So with that in mind, these rough mixes will be pushed out more frequently than you’d be used to. You’ll also see tracks repeated from previous mixtapes, as it is impromptu. And emphasis on “rough mixing,” in which you’ll notice where I screwed up counting the beats in one transition, and the other couple times where the beatmapper just plain effed it up and put a 128 bpm track as an 85. Oh, what a novice I am…

And with that we head on to the Mixcloud link:

And for those who want take out:


And the tracklist:

  1. Frenchie – Fait Accompli (John Daly Remix)
  2. Laura Jones – Loves In Me (Eats Everything Loving You ReWork)
  3. Circuit Freq, Audrey Napoleon – This Is Fucking Techno (Dataworx Remix)
  4. Chromeo – Hot Mess (Djedjotronic Remix 2)
  5. Sei A – Jus Appreciate
  6. Make the Girl Dance – Kill Me (The Toxic Avenger Remix)
  7. Eclier – Hole (Marseille Remix)
  8. Felix Cartal – The Joker
  9. Fake Blood – Mars
  10. Ado – The Ultra
  11. Mr. Oizo – Oral Sax
  12. Gesaffelstein – Opr


P.S. Why label the series Zoning By-laws?

Well,  you see, once you get into the mood and everything just flows nicely together, and your impromptu set turns out to be one wicked time, you kinda want to share it with people. It’s your element, you’re on fire. You’re in the danger zone. It’s your zone. No one knows what’s in store when you peak. And as Kanye inadequately put it, “Don’ let me git in mah zone…”
And….fuck that guy.