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Lights — Siberia

Well, I gave Lights a second chance. I was completely turned off from her first album. The Listening was basically dicking around on a Macintosh.

Siberia on the other hand, is much better in terms of production. I don’t think it’s just her. Definitely not.

So, I’m still not a huge fan of her stuff. I’m not dismissing her entirely, but she’s no Imogen Heap or M83. She’s basically a poor man’s electronica/synth-pop.

A few tracks just irked me to the point of skipping. Where the Fence is Low, Flux and Flow are a couple tracks that stick out in my memory. It’s as if Skrillex pussied the FUCK out and collaborated with her. (Heh. I’d LOVE to collaborate with her. Perhaps musically, but more so carnally.)

Day One is actually really enjoyable… I mean, shit… THAT’S what I want to hear. Her voice every now and then…just briefly vocalizing would be great. it’s just the rest of the tracks…it’s too…too…pop-py. I mean, Jesus, the beginning of the album, PLEASE give me more than just quarter notes and eighth notes. And does everything have to rhyme? I’m no lyricist, but holy hell, it just gets annoying. I would enjoy it a lot more if her vocals were very sparse throughout the album, as an accent, rather than the gist of the music. It’s just overtly catchy and… and… *shudder*
But did I mention I really want to sleep with this girl?

Overall, Lights is still a huge meh, I mean, I’ll listen to it… if new material comes out I’ll probably get /around/ to it… her stuff (the vast majority of it, anyways) to me is cut out for being played at Forever XXI while teenage bitches shop for shit thinking that they’re SO fashionable.

Fuck this, I’m going to listen to Mare.

Vigorous Decay

Well kids, after a 5 months hiatus, I’ve finished another mix.
Dear AA batteries, it’s a tight one.

I’ve literally been working on this one for about 3 months, so things are well thought out. So, after almost half a year of combing through blogs, removing my ChemicalJump bookmark, going on multiple hater rants, and almost $100 on Beatport later, I’ve got this whammy.
Another good thing I’ve discovered through the course of all this is the French label Dga Fäu, which I’m keeping an eye on.
I’ve also caved and dropped Bart B More. Oh frigid ice cubes, what have I done… next thing you know, I’m dropping Swedish House Mafia…for REAL.

I’m working on my all-Beetroots mix, but it is taking a while because I’ve either:
a) gotten way too distracted
b) too drunk to focus, or
c) a wicked flashback (which only happened once, though)

But in regards to this mix, it’s got the flow of Porcelain Artillery, but with the oomph of Monotonous Spectra.
And fuck intros, I’ve got no time nor patience to comb through films and lectures to find shit I can sample.

But to the track listing:

(Artist — Song)

01. Moby — Lie Down in Darkness (Clouds Remix)
02. Jokers of the Scene — Power Slave ft. vitaminsforyou
03. Donk Boys — Kaav (Jan Driver Remix)
04. The S — Death and Rainbows
05. Crimen — Invasion (Monophonique Remix)
06. Tommie Sunshine & Bart B More — Drop Acid (Will Bailey Remix)
07. Crystal Fighters — I Love London (HighBloo Remix)
08. Wolfgang Gartner & Francis Prève — Yin
09. Congorock — Exodus
10. Boy 8-Bit — House on the Hill
11. Bart B More — Brap
12. AC Slater & Bart B More — Cry Baby
13. MixHell — Highly Explicit (Huoratron Remix)
14. Kissy Sell Out — Wild in the Warehouse (Ado’s Concrete Mix)
15. Happyboxx — The Threat
16. Bobble — Zefix (Jan Driver Remix)
17. FutureFlashs — Touch (Beatpunks Remix)
18. The Subs — The Hype ft. HighBloo
19. Autoerotique — Freak (TAI Remix)
20. ZZT — Zzafrika (Gesaffelstein Remix)
21. SomethingALaMode — Versailles No Bara (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)

Running time: 1:08:05
File size: 155.9 MB @320kbps

Here’s the download link from Mediafire:

Alright, enjoy, while I splooge on something else…

Kindred Distinctions

All righty, here’s mixtape number 13…
For some weird reason, the number 13 always sends this awkward pulse in my mind… not that I’m superstitious or anything, this is just one of those factors that suggest it. Anyways, it’s fucking stupid and I thought I needed to express it in words.

About this mix:
It’s got a slower feel to it. It starts off fairly tech-y, as I wanted to shy away from the new electro house being splattered over the internet. But, given my love for the genre two years ago, I end up transitioning it to another party mix… but it does end off a little on the groovy side.
Blah. It also is quite rushed. Rushed as in there are a few transitions that just…bleh. But to find the “perfect” track…I just end up getting annoyed at how many tracks just suck.
And as a side note, half of this is actually a live mix. Might as well use my USB turntable/controller more often.
Like Dada Life. I’ve yet to hear something from them that I like. And other artists that start to disappoint me, like Felix Cartal. His Joker EP was pretty good, but his Solar EP with Keatch….blah.

OOOOOOOk. Enough with the useless banter. Let’s get on with the track listing.

(Artist — Song)

01. Daft Punk — Rollin’ and Scratchin’
02. DJ Hell — The Disaster
03. Marseille — The Killing Sun
04. Housemeister — Music is Awesome (Cosmin TRG Remix)
05. Bombo — Hardbells (Strip Steve & Das Glow Remix)
06. Drop the Lime — Doomsday Device
07. Benny Benassi — Satisfaction (Poxymusic No School Remix)
08. Hervé vs. Metallica — Enter Sandman
09. The Bloody Beetroots — Ill to Destroy
10. Daisypark Trailerchain — Rollerskate
11. The BoorKids — The Bitch and the Party Man (Black Sushi Remix)
12. Designer Drugs — Through the Prism (Drop the Lime Remix)
13. Gtronic — Dance Machine
14. Nick Cambell — Brick Scrap (Clouds Remix)
15. Bassjackers — Mush Mush
16. Tiga — Mind Dimension (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
17. Krafty Kuts — Sporty O (Ado’s Wild Style Remix)
18. Justice — Civilization (DJ DLG Lazor Remix)
19. Aerotronic — Vertigo (Happyboxx Remix)
20. AC Slater — Banger (Torro Torro Remix)
21. Broke One — Go Go Go (Evil Nine Remix)

Running time: 1:01:39
File size: 141.1 MB @320kbps

Click below to download (via Mediafire)
Kindred Distinctions
My head hurts.

Monotonous Spectra

Well, here’s mix number 12… and it won’t be my last.
And for a few of you, this comes as good news. I recently announced that this would be my last mix, but I’ve changed my mind.

I’m just not a huge fan of the latest electro house, it’s too pop-y and cheesy…
Electro house is like eating a McDonald’s burger.
Some hate it, some love it, others will indulge if they feel the urge.
It’s amazing when it first starts off teasing you with the scent, and when you take your first bite, it’s almost sensual.
Then as time progresses, you may regret getting into it so much, feeling ashamed of the people associated with the whole scene.
Then more time progresses and it may start to hurt, and in the end, everything turns to fecal matter.

Dubstep has just plain sucked for about a year and a half now…
I was planning to get into tech house, but a lot of it…it’s just…too…fruity.

So…in light of that, my mixes to come will be nostalgic to some (there’s a few of those old-time bangers in this one).

Anywhos, a shout out to MA.Trix for his contributions.
And check out my friend Bryan’s project The Black Tubes, who may revive from their hiatus…

And here’s the tracklist for Monotonous Spectra:

(Artist — Song)

01. Major Lazer — Pon De Floor
02. The Squatters — Monster
03. Felix Cartal — The Riddler
04. Redial — The Boss
05. Mustard Pimp — Money Shot
06. Gtronic — Sucker Punch (Arcade Velocity Remix)
07. Berou & Canblaster — Kapongo Dance (Congorock Remix)
08. Designer Drugs — Face Melter
09. Congorock — Liu Kang’s Theme
10. Alex Roots — Fake (A1 Bassline Remix)
11. The Bloody Beetroots — Warp 7.7 ft. Steve Aoki
12. Das Glow & Strip Steve — Calcium
13. Deadmau5 — Cthulhu Sleeps
14. Dave Nada — Inner Midget (Nadastrom Remix)
15. Jan Driver — Gain Reaction
16. Ado — Jerk
17. AutoErotique — Turn Up the Volume
18. HeartsRevolution — Switchblade (Designer Drugs Remix)
19. Aerotronic — Massacre (Noise Invader Remix)
20. Ado — X-Ray
21. The Bloody Beetroots — Warp 1.9 ft. Steve Aoki

Running time: 58:50
File size: 135.7 MB @ 320kbps

And here’s the download link:

The Toxic Avenger

Alright, basically this is going to be a straight up fanboy babble.

I’m listening to his remix of Benny Benassi’s Spaceship featuring Kelis.

I’m not a huge of Benassi, citing that he’s just not heavy enough, and I just haven’t dropped him in any set.

But in regards to Delacroix, I was barely finished squirting in my pants with Angst One (BUY THAT EP. JESUS) and I picked up Spaceship.

The Toxic Avenger manages to bring his signature scratchy sound into everything he does extremely well. So, even with this track not being one of those “dance floor killers,” it still pushes my buttons all the right ways and I go apeshit.

And as an aspiring/failing producer, you notice all the little things that went into the track and the sections where you have to take the time to decipher the layers and sequencing. Which in that case you sit there and think, “Holy matzo balls, either this took forever to get right or this man is a borderline genius.”

Take the section of Kelis’s vocal-only where it’s cut-up so fucking well. It makes for a wonderful time to bring in your next percussion track.

I’m at a loss for words. Just in awe of The Toxic Avenger. Not to mention that his Kabuki mask is a cornerstone of badassery (to the point where I just had to do that myself – my current avatar).

Yeah. Holy cat shit, what a great addition to the French electro house scene.

Look for this track in my next DJ set for sure.

Silicon Carpet

I finished a track…
Yeah…not much to say about it.
The SoundCloud description pretty much sums it up…

Click and see…
Silent Wires — Silicon Carpet

Prophetic Charms

She’s in my head
But she doesn’t notice

frustrated with this obsession
the rust of apathy fights against the gears of emotion


Futile affection
meaningless Effort
she’s in love with someone else

tragic friendship
detrimental Pleasantries

Reciprocal love,
a failing delusion

forced to quit
invited to join

internal decision
externally driven

endless turmoil


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