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Circa Survive — On Letting Go


I picked up Circa Survive a few years back, it was their album Juturna, and well, it didn’t really catch me. It wasn’t bad, but nothing breath-taking. I picked up On Letting Go shortly after, and I liked it a lot, but I couldn’t get past Anthony Green’s voice.

And I left it.

A few months back on a whim, I listened to it again, this time my outlook on music and judgement of it has changed immensely; a lot of what I obsessed over 3 years ago is mediocre, if not just bad altogether.

So with this in mind, I loaded On Letting Go on to my phone to listen to while I was working night shifts. As I’m working, I’m listening and it literally hit me. That rush like the first time when your crowd is going wild, like that first time you heard Venetian Snares… maybe that first time you orgasmed.

SO much emotion in this, and it’s a fantastic balance of post-rock and traditional song structured indie rock. Bloody brilliant work. And the lyrics: well written, beautiful and SO MUCH RELATE. SO MUCH RELATE. Yes, Green’s voice is hard to get used to for some, but there are many moments where his voice is choked with emotion-filled volume. That emotion goes so well the rest of the music; one of the rare times I’ll pay attention to the vocals more than the instruments.

Initially I thought the album got weaker as it went on, but on the contrary, it’s a journey of skepticism and pity spotted with remorse and despair.

Tracks that highlight the album would be:

  • Living Together
  • The Difference Between Medicine and Poison is in the Dose
  • Semi Constructive Criticism
  • Kicking Your Crosses Down
  • Carry Us Away
  • Your Friends Are Gone

Fantastic album all the way through. I’ve listened to it numerous times since, sometimes on repeat. Singing it all the way through, at work, driving…wherever it’s playing.

So it led me to think, “What if I’ve misjudged Circa Survive entirely and that the rest of their material is just as good if not better?”


I re-listened to Juturna, was somewhat disappointed in it — it’s not as together. Blue Sky Noise was also a disappointment, more indie rock and less of that post-y feel, and well, his voice also changed. It’s no longer that high-pitched emotional strain… but more of a high pitch rasp. It’s bouncier and (dare I say it) happier. Appendage followed the same route. Nothing stuck out at me to give a little flag in my memory about it.

But yes, On Letting Go is definitely their strongest release and I highly recommend picking it up and losing yourself to it, until that burn in your heart escapes as a melody or a scream.