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Circa Survive — On Letting Go


I picked up Circa Survive a few years back, it was their album Juturna, and well, it didn’t really catch me. It wasn’t bad, but nothing breath-taking. I picked up On Letting Go shortly after, and I liked it a lot, but I couldn’t get past Anthony Green’s voice.

And I left it.

A few months back on a whim, I listened to it again, this time my outlook on music and judgement of it has changed immensely; a lot of what I obsessed over 3 years ago is mediocre, if not just bad altogether.

So with this in mind, I loaded On Letting Go on to my phone to listen to while I was working night shifts. As I’m working, I’m listening and it literally hit me. That rush like the first time when your crowd is going wild, like that first time you heard Venetian Snares… maybe that first time you orgasmed.

SO much emotion in this, and it’s a fantastic balance of post-rock and traditional song structured indie rock. Bloody brilliant work. And the lyrics: well written, beautiful and SO MUCH RELATE. SO MUCH RELATE. Yes, Green’s voice is hard to get used to for some, but there are many moments where his voice is choked with emotion-filled volume. That emotion goes so well the rest of the music; one of the rare times I’ll pay attention to the vocals more than the instruments.

Initially I thought the album got weaker as it went on, but on the contrary, it’s a journey of skepticism and pity spotted with remorse and despair.

Tracks that highlight the album would be:

  • Living Together
  • The Difference Between Medicine and Poison is in the Dose
  • Semi Constructive Criticism
  • Kicking Your Crosses Down
  • Carry Us Away
  • Your Friends Are Gone

Fantastic album all the way through. I’ve listened to it numerous times since, sometimes on repeat. Singing it all the way through, at work, driving…wherever it’s playing.

So it led me to think, “What if I’ve misjudged Circa Survive entirely and that the rest of their material is just as good if not better?”


I re-listened to Juturna, was somewhat disappointed in it — it’s not as together. Blue Sky Noise was also a disappointment, more indie rock and less of that post-y feel, and well, his voice also changed. It’s no longer that high-pitched emotional strain… but more of a high pitch rasp. It’s bouncier and (dare I say it) happier. Appendage followed the same route. Nothing stuck out at me to give a little flag in my memory about it.

But yes, On Letting Go is definitely their strongest release and I highly recommend picking it up and losing yourself to it, until that burn in your heart escapes as a melody or a scream.

Massive Attack — Heligoland

See, I sit here and think as I’m listening to Massive Attack’s Heligoland album.
At first, I was turned off by it, citing it to be less trip-hop than their previous album.
However, I started listening to it again, and I’ve come to realize that it’s a different direction that they’ve taken.

It’s no longer as “electronic” as 100th Window (which I wasn’t that much of a fan of) and it’s less “trippy” than Mezzanine.
I recall seeing a comment describing Heligoland (which may have been from Massive Attack themselves) with the word “organic.” I am in agreement with that entirely.
The samples (i.e. snare, bass drum kick) aren’t as driving. Compare the track “Man Next Door” and “Atlas Air” and you’ll see my meaning. The female vocals aren’t as immovable as in Mezzanine either. It’s more fragile and candid (i.e. Elizabeth Fraser vs. Hope Sandoval).

In the end, Massive Attack’s previous albums have either left me in a state of lucidity with my hearing or gives me this bodyrush (Basically a headrush but with the whole body — most notably in my throat, nose, and forearms). The sound found in these albums give off the aura of intellectualism, groovy-ness, or badassery.
Heligoland however, still gives me that bodyrush, but the album sounds more melancholy and apathetic than anything else, albeit well orchestrated nonetheless. This leads me to think that their name Massive Attack is on the oxymoronic side…hardy har.

So, to conclude this rambling, I’m very interested in Massive Attack’s next release; whether they’re going return to their dark classiness or progress with this new artless intelligence.

Posthumous Headrush

Well, seeing as how I’m blogging now, might as well post my mixtapes…
This one was “released” on October 11, 2010.

The following is the description from my Facebook page:

Well, here’s installment number eight in my series of mixes, hope you’ve been enjoying them.
This one’s nothing abnormal, just a collection of tunes to break the speed limit with.
You can try to dance to it, but seeing as how I lack smooth movements, I’ll let you be the judge of it’s “dancability.”

The genre is solely electro-house with a touch of fidget.
No dubstep, no breakcore, just your average DJ set you won’t hear on the radio.

This one actually would’ve been posted three days ago but I was having problems with naming it.
Also due to the fact that Ableton fucked me over and I was having problems with plugins for Sony ACID Pro. Fucking technology.

K, enough jibber-jabber, on we go to the download link:

And for your convenience, here’s the track listing.

Tracklist (Artist — Song)

01. Marina and the Diamonds — Hollywood (Fenech-Soler Remix)
02. The Chemical Brothers — Dissolve (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
03. AC Slater — Take You ft. Ninjasonik (Nadastrom Remix)
04. Chewy Chocolate Cookies — This is Massive (Cyberpunkers Remix)
05. Refused — New Noise (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
06. Tiga — What You Need (Proxy Remix)
07. Kill the Noise — Roots
08. Poirier — 90’s Backyard (Wildlife Remix)
09. AC Slater — Calm Down ft. DJ Craze (Club Remix)
10. A1 Bassline — Bad Man Horror Theme (Mustard Pimp Remix)
11. Snap! — The Power (Jakz Remix)
12. The Toxic Avenger — Escape (LA Riots Remix V8)
13. Audio Bullys — Only Man (Reset! Remix)
14. Black Noise — So Dam Tuff
15. Herv√© — Zombies
16. Maskinen — Dansa Med Vapen ft. Marina Gasolina (The Subs Remix)
17. Mr. Oizo — Flat Beat
18. Benny Benassi — Spaceship ft. Kelis (Nadastrom Remix)
19. Drop the Lime — Hear Me (AC Slater Remix)
20. The Bloody Beetroots — Talkin’ in My Sleep ft. Lisa K (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)

Running time: 47:20
File size: 108.3 MB @ 320kbps


Kamelot – Poetry for the Poisoned

It’s rather weak. It sounds too generic power metal for the first couple tracks.
And his vocals is more of talking with a melody than actual singing that we know and have come love/masturbate to.
When he does sing though, the pattern of the lines sound far too similar to the patterns scattered throughout The Black Halo and Ghost Opera.
The guitar solo in If Tomorrow Came is entirely for self-pleasure, not very enjoyable.
Also, not enough symphonic elements, which is a huge downer on my opinion on this album…


I gave Ghost Opera 9/10 and The Black Halo 8.5/10

Death Breath

See, I’m not a HUGE fan of metalcore, I mean, it’s a genre that I LOVED back in high school, but I outgrew the obsession like a kid out grows his pajamas…but wants to try them on once in a while.

Bring Me the Horizon is something to fill the silence with…they’re nothing to cum in your pants over. And quite honestly, I didn’t even know what BMTH stood for because I thought deathcore was stupid at the time (and still kinda do). It didn’t click with me that this deathcore band went metalcore on me.

And my point exactly. They never stood out in my mind.

So to the point of this post:

BMTH’s Death Breath will never make it onto my mp3 player…but The Toxic Avenger’s remix of it has. I’m really liking this electro-twist he’s put on it. Then again, I pretty much like anything that DeLacroix has pumped out anyways. His scratchy sound borderline-noise music is really funky, and when you combine that with a house-percussion track with double-bass-kick fill, it goes for a funky driving tune. Most likely going to make it onto my next electro-house mixtape.

Credit goes to Sulien Khan for sharing this with me.

Bring Me the Horizon — Death Breath (The Toxic Avenger Remix)